Your Story Begins…

Do you ever feel like you have something to say to the world, but you are running out of time?

You know darn well that you have something great to offer, an impact to make, and a legacy to leave behind before it’s too late…

You truly want to take action…

But you’re at a standstill.

(The goals are probably already running through your mind. If so, I bet the roadblocks are, too.)

Even though the thoughts and ideas are there, you may be struggling to put them into words that will enable you to take that next crucial step!

Sound familiar?


What if there is a friend who will listen, understand, and help you write or rephrase what you need to say so you can get to that next huge milestone?

You can finally release the whirlwind of thoughts, the brainstorms of ideas, and peacefully end that storm…

And have everything you need to say down ON PAPER (or in an online document, it’s 2022!)…

Well, I can be the one to help you do that!

The process of “putting it into words” is a brick wall for many people.

Some do not even realize that it’s one of the BIGGEST blocks stopping them from achieving the next steps, let alone their ultimate goals.

Here’s the reality. It’s OK if writing isn’t your greatest strength.

We each have unique strengths.

No one person can Do. It. All.

Even SUPERHEROES team up to conquer adversity.

They utilize their unique skills to get the job done!

They often do it because they are on a serious time limit.

But truth be told, so are we!

We’re given a limited amount of time on this earth to do what we were Born to Do + Make our Impact + Leave our Legacy.

I understand the urgency.

But what makes me confident that I can help YOU?

I began writing 30+ years ago, and for several years now I have been helping others get their thoughts into words, right when they needed it most.

With an array of experience in ghostwriting, editing, and copywriting, especially in the areas of children’s fiction and adult personal development (because those are where my greatest passions live) I’ve helped a multitude of clients achieve their goals through the written word.

I’m also rated a “Top Rated Plus” Freelancer in one of the largest freelancing markets in the industry!

In addition, I’ve published 5 books of my own, including Mama Kangaroo Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times books and the Hey World, I’m Someone Too! and Hey World, I’m Unleashed! books, and have had speaking appearances in schools, fundraisers, festivals, and personal growth events. I have been featured in books, newspapers, magazines, and websites, and have an online presence based on creative writing and personal growth.

I’m here to help you.

Friend, it’s time to take YOUR ideas and thoughts, and put them to words that will-

  • Inspire
  • Ignite Action
  • Tell Your Story
  • Make an Impact
  • Build Your Brand
  • And allow you to UNLEASH what you need to say to the world…

Because whichever of those it is that you are striving for…

The world needs it.

The world NEEDS YOU.

YOUR voice matters.

And I’ve got your back to make that happen.

SOOO… Let’s do this!

You can start with a free discovery call, or 30 and 60-minute Zoom calls are available here. Packages are also available by emailing or visiting my Contact Page

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