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Lately, it seems personal growth is all the rage and I’ve come to realize how fantastic that is.

Of all things to be a “trend”, or popular, or “everyone’s doing it”, what better than something that is helping individuals become greater beings, and in turn strengthening society and humanity as a whole?

Until last year, I didn’t really understand personal growth. I thought day to day living was growing on a personal level… first time experiences on occasion, learning some new things, sometimes letting go of your crap (or thinking you did, until it jumps back out at you.) I considered life itself personal growth. Why go beyond that?

I used to always considered myself average, with beautiful big dreams. Dreams of getting my words out there to the world, publishing books, influencing and encouraging others. Making an impact and inspiring the world.

I’ve had these dreams for a long time. It took awhile, but I realized I need to grow in order to attain them.

When I decided it was time to publish and not “just write” I dove off the high dive headfirst without a clue what I was doing.

I made quite a splash, in an impressive belly-flop sort of way.

Since then I’ve been swimming against the tide. Sometimes the waves are beautiful and I ride them with grace and ease. Other times I feel like I’m drowning.

This is metaphoric, of course.

So who am I?

I’m an Authorpreneur, and I’m a mom of four. I’ve battled anxiety. I laugh at my blonde moments, because it’s better than crying. I’ve declared myself unstoppable, and there’s no backing down from that, because that would equal stopping and I refuse. I’ve made and still make a hell of a lot of mistakes, and guess what? I’m grateful for them because they teach the most valuable lessons in life. I don’t aim to be perfect, because perfect is BS. I’d rather be me: unique, creative, and optimistic. The girl who believes in the good in the world. Who uses her imagination in all instances. Who loves deeply, trusts much, and smiles often. My passion is in my writing. I have a lot to say to the world and different ways of expressing it.

It’s been on my heart to start a blog. To be real and raw, and express my words to the world. To inspire others through posts, quotes, books, podcasts and speeches. To take what I have learned in my personal growth journey, and make a positive impact. To use my creative freelancing to help others do the same.

Just a small-town girl with elaborate goals…

… because baby steps lead to big leaps. Some lights insist on shining and some words are meant to impact the world. Each time I inspire someone to dream bigger, to chase their goals with a refusal to back down, to follow the path their childhood self had always imagined, to make it a point to make others smile… a link is created. A link in the beautiful chain, in which we ignite the fires in the hearts of others, lifting each other up to be our greatest selves, striving to make the world better and more beautiful.

Welcome to me. Welcome to my author page.

Welcome to the Inspiration Chain.

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