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There is a light in each of us. A special glow that illuminates, sparkles, and radiates. This light not only guides us on our way, but it shines on the path, encouraging others to follow. It inspires us to climb our mountains, blaze our trails, and collect the puzzle pieces that make us whole and help us thrive.

We are Storytellers. Entrepreneurs. Creatives. Dreamers. Doers.

We are determined. We fall, but we get back up. We cry, but we smile with every ounce of our being. We enjoy learning and growing, and understand that difficult things are often the most worthwhile.

We love feeling inspired, and we want to share the inspiration with the world.

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Norma Langston
Norma Langston
1 year ago

Cassandra I am so proud of you!! You are definitely an Unstoppable Influencer!! So very happy for you and looking forward to watching you grow!

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