You Have One Life. One Story. One Chance.

Quite often we hear people asking for things to be easy. So many people want the easy way out, the shortcut, the simple route. I have also found myself wishing this many times.

But, I’ve learned it’s not about things being easy. It’s about having the determination and mindset to stand up and push forward when things are hard.

Things don’t necessarily need to be easy. They just need to BE.

It’s YOU that makes the decision. Is this adversity or is it an adventure? Is this misfortune or is it opportunity? Is it a failure or is it a lesson?

I’m not saying we must complicate everything.

It’s about the time we waste wishing for simplicity instead of taking action.

Go into each endeavor strong-willed, dream big but be prepared to chase those dreams, be open to opportunity but do not expect it to fall into your lap, understand that the road ahead isn’t paved but with persistence, and with the right tools, the mountains can be scaled and the bridges can be crossed.

We spend so much precious energy and time wishing that things were different, cursing our problems, and making excuses.

Sometimes we need to kick our own a**.

How many times have you heard that easy isn’t worth it? Or better yet, how many times have you actually experienced that easy isn’t worth it?

Life isn’t about shortcuts. It’s not about skimming the surface or avoiding the truths or even brushing off the hurt as if it isn’t painful.

Sure, some things are easy. And yes, some things are hard. Really hard.

Some things in life find your mind and heart in utter and total disagreement.

That’s where you take a deep breath, you pick up the pen, and you write your own story.

Writing a story isn’t easy. Neither is writing a life.

You make it a comedy, a tragedy, a drama, or a thriller.

Regardless, you make it intriguing. YOU make it beautiful.

You choose your reaction to the highs and lows. You write every detail about how the milestones, the moments, the miracles are celebrated.

It’s one life. It’s one story. It’s one chance.

Stop trying to make it easy and start striving to make it all worth it.

You don’t necessarily have the power to make it easy, but you have the power to make it magnificent.

You aren’t one to ignore the life you are meant to live. If you are still reading this, you are likely one who knows deep down that the best of life is worth it.

Smile, my friend. Stand tall. (Even if you are short, like me!)

Life is waiting, but it won’t wait forever. Now is the time to tackle the difficulties. Face your demons head on.

That road before you… that path… it can and will hold all the beauty, the sparkle, the love, the joy that you’ve dreamed of…. But most likely, it won’t be easy. It will be real. It will be life. It will be challenges, excitement and adventure. It will be saying goodbye to all the sh*t life has thrown at you, and saying “Hey World, I’m Someone, Too.” I’m ready to make an impact. I’m ready to shine, ready to grasp what is mine. ‘

Personally, I’m ok with life not being easy. I’m ok with being ME. Honestly, I’m more than “OK.” I’m alive, I’m committed, I’m determined.

And I ask of you, please be those things… For yourself. For your family and friends. For the world.

A truly lived life can’t be easy. But it can be truly beautiful. <3





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