Your message in a bottle… it’s time to set it free.

If you could write just one paragraph…and put your message in a bottle, what would it say?

A question like this one can make us realize how much we have to say. Narrowing it down isn’t an easy thing, especially unknowing of your audience.

I had to pause a moment to think. If I have no idea who would be the one to receive my message, what would I want to say, no matter who the recipient is? Most often we are focusing on narrowing down our audience, focusing on our who needs our message the most. So, this is the complete opposite. This is broadening the horizons, just for the sake of taking a moment to see it all from a different perspective.

Therefore, what to say?

I’d say, “I believe in you.”

The recipient would probably look around the beach, confused, and think “Who? Me?”

“Yes, you! I believe in YOU. I believe you are capable of bringing good to the world. That you have talents beyond your wildest dreams. That you are capable. You are worthy. You possess beauty even if or when you don’t see it. You are meant to do great things. You can overcome obstacles and adversity. You can conquer your demons. You can make an impact. You can create a legacy. You can sparkle like the stars, make ripples like waves, and shine like the sun.

You found this message for a reason.

The winds and tides of life brought you here, and this message here, at this moment in time.

Now take your own message. Send it in a bottle. Put it out there in the world. Share your words with the world because you just never know what your message can do or how far it will go.”

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