Would you climb 100 flights of stairs if it meant reaching your goals?

An enormous staircase loomed before me. It went up so high, I couldn’t see what was beyond the many stairs.

A voice said to me, “Will you climb 100 flights of stairs if it means reaching your goals?”

Without hesitation, “Absolutely,” I replied.

Then I awoke.

I laid in bed for a few minutes, realizing just how metaphorical the dream was.

In life, we are all presented with a “staircase.” (Or a series, thereof!)

We choose to take that first step. We choose our pace. When we find ourselves at a standstill, we aren’t falling back down, we are simply at a landing in between flights. When we do take our next step, we are moving forward and upward.

Even though it was a dream, I wasn’t lucid. I didn’t realize I was dreaming so course I saw this staircase as real. My immediate response of “absolutely,” fills me with pride. There was no hesitation, no doubt, no excuses. Just a full-on commitment to tackle all 100 flights of stairs to reach those goals.

Our “staircases” are not always evenly spaced. They may slant, become steep, and even be without a railing to hold onto. Despite the condition of the individual stairs, they are still providing a solid space to step on the uphill venture.

I’m reminded of Koko Head in Hawaii. Years ago, a friend and I climbed to the top. The climb was not easy for me. The condition of the “stairs” was terrifying. The wood was rotted, it was very steep in areas, there were huge gaps, and the fall would not have been pretty to say the least.

I was so worried of a misstep and falling. I’m sometimes clumsy. It’s related to hearing impairment, but that’s a story for another time.

It took quite a while. I wasn’t in the greatest physical shape of my life and hadn’t been on a hike of any sort in a long time. But somehow or other, I stayed focused and determined and made it to top of the Koko Head Crater Trail. The 1,000 or so stairs were well worth it. The view was breathtaking, but just as beautiful was that feeling of accomplishment, of pushing on when things got hard.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!

Tackle your staircase. Take that first step. You’ll reach something amazing, and the journey along the way is bound to be incredible.

Remember that the adventure can often be as beautiful as the destination.

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