It’s OK to be Vulnerable…


I once thought it to be a weakness… a fault…negative.

Even the thesaurus gives this word a bad name. “Susceptible, weak, defenseless.”

But then there’s one synonym… “Openness.”

Well now, that’s a game changer.

I don’t want to be susceptible, weak, or defenseless.

Yet “open”… I’ll be open, because it is worthwhile. There is much in life to be open to.

But….what if I’m susceptible to support and help to achieve goals and dreams… what if I recognize my weaknesses so that I can learn and increase my strength, what if I need to be defenseless for just a moment while I build that strong foundation on which the walls will protect, the tower will be built, that foundation on which to grow and flourish, and make an impact…

Maybe being vulnerable isn’t a bad thing.

Maybe it’s Step One.

Maybe it’s laying the groundwork. It’s the canvas for our tapestry. The blank page on which we write our story. The premise on which we build our business. Or the landing on which we jump from that throws us onto the path we were meant to be, on which we will thrive throughout our lives…

Don’t knock vulnerability. Don’t look down on it, don’t give it a bad name.

Sometimes people are vulnerable because they need a change, a friend, a realization. Maybe they are vulnerable beacuse they are ready to take a stand and truly LIVE.

We need to start somewhere. And even when we are far in, when we are doing great things, there are moments of vulnerability. Where we are willing to be suseceptible, or weak, or appear defenseless, because we are REAL. We are Human. We all have “moments.” It’s how we react to those moments… how we take the next step after the moment has passed.

That is what matters.

I’ll be vulnerable at times. And I won’t pass judgement when you do, either. I’ll take your hand. And tell you it’s ok. Let’s be “vulnerable” together. Let’s live out our purpose…

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