Be Who You Are Meant To Be

What would be the outcome of lying in your bed,

hiding from the world, the covers pulled over your head?


How would the world ever see what you truly are?

How could you be illuminated from the light of any star?


What would happen if you pulled those covers down?

Would the effect change things, be something profound?


Then, just what if you pulled those covers down low,

And let your smile radiate, let your light just glow?


What if you then put one foot on the floor,

Would you feel a difference, the world begging you for more?


Then the second foot, plant it firm and strong,

Oh wow, is this where you truly do belong?


Broaden your shoulders, and stand yourself upright,

Ready to thrive in life, and ready to ignite.


Then raise your arms up, ready to full-on soar,

Telling all the world, “I’m not scared, anymore!”


Climb atop of the bed, a mountain your very own,

Show that world just how much that you have grown.


This is your life, no one chooses it but you,

You are the very one to see the dreams all through.


What would be the outcome of just lying in your bed?

No, my friend, you’re meant to be unstoppable instead!


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