Birthdays are a Reminder to Chase Your Grand Dream

Birthdays can become a mixture of emotions once you turn into a “grown-up.”

There was a part of me that was always excited for what the new year/new age would bring, but in the back of my mind was that disappointment… that voice in my head that always speaks loudly around my birthday, “You SHOULD have done this by now, you COULD have done that by now. Another year gone by.” Failures creep up.

Yes, my birthdays the past 7 or 8 years have been contradictory emotions.

This year, I said “The hell with that.”

A birthday is meant to be a celebration. It’s recognizing that you were brought into this world to live, to thrive, to be. To make some sort of difference and impact.

No one designates that you have to do a certain thing by a “certain age.”

Many legends have created their legacy in their 30s, 40s, 50s or later.

Take one of my all-time favorites. The dreamer of all dreamers, Walt Disney.

People had such doubts. They said his company was too small and his dreams were too big.

He believed in making an impact on families, bringing laughter and learning to children, making a change, using imagination and inspiring.

For this, I’ve always been a big fan.

Walt Disney was in his 50s when Disneyland opened. He later had a grand dream of DisneyWorld, but years before it could open, he passed away on December 15th 1966.

16 years later on that day, I was born.

Another Dreamer, and a Doer, who believes in legacy, imagination, inspiration, magic, and family.

I am inspired by Walt and wish our paths had crossed. I would have loved to shake that man’s hand and tell him how much I believe and understand.

I’m a small business, dreaming on a grand scale. I know I can touch lives, I can inspire, I will create a legacy.

So many of The Greats have been turned down, told they “couldn’t”, failed time and time again, just to push, push, push forward…and onward…and upward.

It is one thing to dream a grand dream.

It is another to chase a grand dream.

It’s not about what you do in which year of your life.

It’s about progress, enriching your soul every year by appreciating the journey in pursuance of that grand dream.

I have learned so much this year, my year of being 36 years old.

I turn 37 with a smile. I will chase that grand dream, encourage others to do the same, and along the journey, I know I’ll find the words to rhyme.

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