Being “Over-Emotional”… My biggest fault AND greatest quality…

So many of us, myself included, talk about how life is a journey, a roller coaster, and an adventure.

All of this is true.

But I don’t know if that really encompasses the height and depth that so many of us feel, sometimes alternating, even in a single day.

Growing up, I was told I’m too emotional. Back then, sometimes hearing that would make me cry.

Flash forward a few years … after hitting rock bottom… after grasping the past, after boarding one of life’s craziest roller coasters, after soaring the skies… I changed my perspective on that a bit.

I say this metaphorically, but literally as well. I hit rock bottom and discovered that beer and fast food only numbs the pain but doesn’t get us past it (before I became a mom) … I grasped a lifeboat davit (#13) recovered from the wreck of the Titanic… I rode the most badass roller coaster in Tokyo, Japan after a 2.5 hour wait because some of the greatest thrills in life are truly worth the wait… and I soared the skies not just in airplanes but with a parachute, above the sparking blue waters of Hawaii.

I could go on… but I digress.

Life itself is more intense than some people realize. When they look at another, especially when they judge another, it’s crucial to understand that even if we cannot see the world through their eyes, they can and do. Our experiences are uniquely ours and therefore our stories are as well.

Our passions, our truths, skills, dreams, purpose and drive… sometimes even that feels like it changes especially during rougher times. But does it really? Or is it the constant?

Some people will relate to you, some will not.

Some will judge. Some will talk.

Others will relate and be inspired.

A long time ago, I came to terms with being what some may call “very emotional,” or something of that sort.

I don’t recall the day my reaction to that changed, but I know I’ve heard it said several times over the years.

I don’t get upset about it. Instead I smile, agree, and respond, “I know. It’s my biggest fault, and my greatest quality.”

If I didn’t take experiences to heart, the words wouldn’t flow as they do.

I let it out through writing. Whether it’s the peak of the roller coaster or the deepest of the dips. Whether it’s the thrill of the freefall downfall or the terror of being pushed out of the airplane.

Life is more than a journey.

It’s a greater ride than any roller coaster ever could be.

And an adventure… yes… our own unique adventure that we have the power to create.

I’m glad I’m “so emotional.”

It makes me… me.

And I don’t care to be anyone different.

The stories I’ll someday tell will relate to the people who are told they “feel too deeply… or dream too big… or believe too much.”

So anymore… people want to tell me I’m too emotional?

In return they’ll likely get a high five, a thank you, maybe even a hug.

Or an off the cuff poem recited to them, who knows?

All in all…

Be you. Be true.

Own the adventure.

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