You are the designer of the road you will pave…

Sometimes there’s a bliss, a pivotal moment,

You want to just seize it, grab it and own it.

Bask in the moment, don’t let it pass by,

Simply trust that there is always a reason why.

This is your inspiration, this is your drive,

This is the feeling that shows you’re alive.

The dreams that you aim for, the goals you have set,

This is the moment you place your bet.

Will you place that bet on yourself, and say yes I will win?

Will you say the hell with excuses this is where I begin?

Journey or adventure, call it what you want.

Create this life, your style, your font.

You’re the designer of the road you will pave,

You are the ripple that creates this new wave.

So make a decision, are you are glad where you are?

Have you made your mark and reached your star?

If not, don’t look down, this here is the time.

This is your moment, your reason and rhyme.

No one can tell you, how to be you.

They can only guide you, to finding what’s true.

Life is a blessing, be thankful, live well,

This is Your Story, be it heaven or hell.

You can change your story, for you hold the pen,

If this chapter isn’t working, then write it again.

There can be that moment, that life changes for the best.

When you hold your head high and welcome the rest.

Don’t wait for that moment, create it, it’s yours.

For that is the moment that opens new doors.

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