A bit of humor and rhyme in a difficult time…

‘Twas the days of coronavirus and all through each house,
The families were quarantined, even the mouse,
The canned goods were piled on the shelf with great care,
And wishes were made for a breath of fresh air.

The children were up late because schools were all closed,
And remained indoors to remain unexposed.
Watching family movies to lighten the mood,
Ignoring the tension as it silently brewed.

When outside in the street there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter,
For some reason it was difficult to believe my eyes,
The chaos in the road as people fought for supplies.

Then one gentleman had an ingenious plan,
He let out a single cough, and everyone ran.
Then he scooped up supplies best he could in each arm,
And ducked into the shadows to avoid the next swarm.

I flung up my flooring to reveal my hiding spot in the ground,
And sighed in relief at my TP, sitting there safe and sound.
I did a quick inventory of all that we chose to hoard,
Packed like a puzzle under that loose floorboard.

The TP and PT and tissues and soap,
A bottle of humor and a glimmer of hope.
Water and juice boxes, ramen and snacks,
And of course hand wipes, about 15 packs.

We wonder about friends and how things will go,
But social media makes it easy to know.
There are plenty of memes, if it’s a laugh that you need,
Plus about 1,000 related emails to read.

The store workers are frazzled, hospital staff too,
As we sit in our houses, they have much work to do.
The bills keep on coming as if nothing is wrong,
The birds keep on chirping like they have all along.

Events have been canceled and it seems so surreal,
Uncertain what to think or how then to feel.
Yes, it is stressful, and a pain in the a**
But keep looking forward, as this too shall pass!

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