A thank you to all those going above and beyond during this time…

“It is often when the world challenges us,
That our true colors begin to show.
The goodness comes to light in others,
You see the lengths that they will go.

The sheer strength and determination,
The compassion from within their soul,
Such care, and faith and love,
As they strive for a common goal.

Helping each other through,
Assisting in so many ways,
Making the most of this season in time,
While anticipating brighter days.

Thank you to all that are mentioned here,
And so many more as well,
Please know that you’re appreciated,
even more than words can tell. –

All of those in the medical field,
Who give their all in every day,
Doing everything they can to heal,
And bring hope along the way.

Our many first responders,
Who courageously serve us all,.
All of those stepping up,
And answering the call.

All involved in transportation,
Whether air, or land or sea,
Bringing goods to the hands of those in need,
And getting people where they need to be.

Those in retail and grocery,
Working around the clock,
To make shopping as safe as possible,
Keeping necessities in stock.

Scientists working tirelessly,
For the testing that we need.
Trying to find a cure,
Determined to succeed.

All involved in education,
They believe and know,
Even with different methods,
Young minds can thrive and grow.

The news and all involved,
In keeping us up to date,
Those with helpful reporting,
Who keep the facts all straight.

Those who provide our utilities,
To keep our homes a comfortable place,
As we’re spending time within these walls,
We show gratitude in this space.

All working on the technology,
To keep us connected through this time,
Helping those who now work from home,
And letting business thrive online.

The food industry and all they provide,
Making sure that we are fed,
It may not be a restaurant,
But it’s our own dining room instead.

Everyone in manufacturing,
Making the products to help us through,
Necessities of life,
And our comfort items too.

All who fix what’s broken,
To keep things running best they can,
We must show patience and respect,
And do our best to understand.
All who create to inspire,
With words, and music, and art.
All our city employees,
And government who’s doing their part.

Parents now full-time teachers,
And those transitioning to staying at home,
We understand so many are struggling,
This is all territory that was unknown.

And those who deliver when needed,
Food, mail, or supplies.
Are we aware and grateful,
For all the angels before our eyes?

The children of the world,
Adapting to the change,
Your laughter is the sweetest music
In a world now so strange.

So many heroes at the front lines,
And many heroes behind the scenes,
We are grateful for all you do,
You need to know how much it means.

Let’s “embrace” each other,
Even though 6 feet apart,
For it’s not about distance or challenges,
It’s about what’s within each heart.

All who offer help and guidance,
Assisting in their best way.
We appreciate you, deeply,
And for you we hope and pray.”

by Cassandra Lennox

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