My words in the mirror…

Look in the mirror. Pause there, my friend.
Look straight ahead. Do not turn, do not bend.

 Make eye contact. Eyes open wide.
Look past the glare. Look deep inside.

What stares back at you? What speaks your voice?
Does it tease and taunt? Or does it give you a choice?

Be real, and be honest. What’s the reflection you see?
Is it masked and uncertain, or does it beg to be free?

Does it have something to say? Does it ask to thrive?
Does it look past today, and promise to be alive?

Ask it, bet it, and challenge it, too.
Look past the reality you once thought that was you.

There is something deeper, so unravel it now,
Pull back the layers and find you somehow.

 It may not be easy, it may take some time,
But when your true colors show, your stars will align.

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