A Beautiful Truth about Someday…

I was reminded of something extremely powerful yesterday.

Ten years ago I made a post in Facebook saying “With every word, every poem, every story, I can feel that I’m getting closer. Someday, I’ll be not just a writer, I’ll be an AUTHOR.”

It was a blatant yet eye-opening reminder of the importance of recognizing the beauty of “SOMEDAY” when someday comes.

We use that phrase so often… we’re always waiting for “Someday.”

I realized at that moment I HAVE reached many somedays, but I (like I imagine many others as well) was so eager for the next thing that I almost forgot to celebrate, to show gratitude, embrace the accomplishment and lessons that I learned along the way.

I then looked back and allowed myself to think…

of all the times I had wished for, hoped for, prayed for certain things…

finally realizing how many of them have come true…

realizing the times that I had allowed myself to focus on what wasn’t going right, or what didn’t happen, or what I felt I was lacking.

Ten years ago…

I knew I wanted to be an author who made a positive impact on others with her words.

I knew I wanted more children.

I knew I wanted to move out of Pennsylvania and live somewhere that felt more… me.

Now- Ten years, 5 published books, 3 more children, and 650 miles later… I finally got it through my head that SOMEDAYS DO EXIST.

It’s not wishes and far-fetched dreams. It’s recognizing each time you reach these milestones. The journey isn’t always beautiful. It often can be, but let’s be real. Sometimes it straight out sucks. Yet, even then we can find something and learn something within.

Take a moment and look at where you were 10 years ago.

Where will you be 10 years from now?

How many “SOMEDAYS” are in between?

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