Your Dreams Depend on the Chase, Not Just the Follow…

We’re always told to “follow” our dreams…

In a world where we need to pave our own way.

Our dreams aren’t always a proven path, a straight line, a simple format, especially when we are ones to think outside the box, dream big, envision change, and aim to rewrite the narrative.

They may point us in the direction we want to go, but there is no perfect GPS, no step-by-step directions, no simply defined right or wrong way, only guidance and guidelines.

Following our dreams must be more of a chase…

An action-taking marathon…

In which sometimes we must pause to breathe, enjoy, celebrate and evaluate…

And of course where we potentially take wrong turns and almost certainly fall short here and there in the process.

If we simply “follow” our dreams, we may be casually walking in the right direction.

Yet, we may be inclined to give up when we stumble or when the reward doesn’t justify the effort.

Stepping up and chasing them gives us the momentum, the drive, the dedication to achieve, and faith in the risks that it takes to do something MORE.

This isn’t to say to dive in recklessly, but rather with focused and continued action, and a willingness to learn and grow.

Imagine what we can all accomplish by deciding that we’re in for the chase!

Let’s envision our dreams, and bump our strategies up a notch!

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