About Me

I’ve been tagged “Where Mother Goose Meets Dr. Seuss” based on my upbeat, influential rhyming style that I often use in my writing.

I’m Cassandra Lennox (formerly Cassie Villano.) I’m an Authorpreneur and I’m a mom of four. I have battled anxiety and tamed those demons. I laugh at my blonde moments because it’s better than crying. I’ve declared myself unstoppable and there’s no backing down from that because that would equal stopping and I refuse. I’ve made and still make a hell of a lot of mistakes, and guess what? I’m grateful for them. I don’t aim to be perfect, nor do I even believe in perfection. I’d rather be me. Unique, creative, and optimistic, with my own take on the world and entrusting and enjoying the journey. The girl who believes in the good in the world. Who loves deeply and smiles often.

My passion is in my writing. I have a lot to say to the world and different ways of expressing it. Whether through rhymes, quotes, stories, articles, posts, speeches, videos, mastermind groups, or even a good old dose of comedy, I thrive on sharing my message and helping others.

I’m an Author. Poet. Freelance copywriter. Speaker. Blogger. Inspirationalist. Goal-Crusher.

Just a small-town girl with elaborate goals, who believes that big dreams are worth the chase. I’m on a mission to inspire. To help others get their thoughts and words out there to the world. To provide that extra nudge (or shove!) that it takes to make others reach for and grasp their star.

When I’m not writing or working on the business side of life, you can find me surrounded by my 4 kiddos. I love dancing around the living room, playing outdoors and gardening, vacationing, taking part in personal growth challenges, board games, making up new recipes in the kitchen, and finding unique ways to unleash the creativity.