About Me

Many years ago, I realized that taking the thoughts in your mind and seeing them on paper was such a magnificent, rewarding, and healing experience.

It was where a world spinning with ideas, perceptions, emotions, and dreams suddenly had a way of allowing the bits and pieces to emerge… and the mind-mayhem was replaced with a unique sensation that can only be described as where productivity and peace so beautifully collide.

As I allowed my own words to be shared with others, I realized it was more of a harmony, where together we take our skills, stories, experiences, and unique purpose and contribute to the world.

I learned that bottled-up words do not serve anyone. Shattering the barriers and the fear or uncertainty that keep the words locked up in the mind, well, that breakage can be far beyond beautiful.

Even beyond my own writing and publishing, with every story I have ghostwritten, each poem I created for those in the most emotional times of their lives, each revision to a book or story or song or site that I have helped clients with, I am reminded of the power that words have.

The way they can help others reach farther, do and be more, thrive, and achieve.

This is why I write. Not just for myself, not just for others, but the people that the words will impact… now, and for years to come…

When I’m not writing or working on the business side of life, you can find me surrounded by my kiddos. I love playing board games, dancing, gardening and spending time in the fresh air (especially at the beach,) traveling, taking part in personal growth experiences, new adventures, creating my own recipes in the kitchen (which I never write down, ironically) and finding unique ways to unleash the creativity and live life to the fullest.

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