Books by Cassandra


Mama Kangaroo Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times re-imagines nursery rhymes for the kids of today! These all new rhymes are inspired by the classics, but they are fun, positive, humorous and modern!

Many instill values and teach lessons, some display love and strengthen bonds between adult and child, and others encourage imagination and silliness. These first 24 rhymes help to develop a love of reading at a young age and are created for education, enjoyment, and to motivate today’s youth to dream big!

More Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times adds 25 new rhymes to the series! Just like the first book, they put a fun and fresh new twist on nursery rhymes. These modern rhymes are engaging, heartfelt, sensible, educational, and humorous. Many are inspired by the whimsical themes and rhyme schemes of classic children’s songs and poems.

These rhymes are created to strengthen the bond between adult and child by encouraging smiles, love, and giggles! Mama Kangaroo, along with her family and her human and animal friends, motivate children to dreams big and to confidently chase those dreams!

“Hey World, I’m Someone Too!” is a collection of poems, quotes and essays written throughout the teenage years. They cover topics including dreams, friendship, relationships, heartbreak, loss of loved ones, growing up and acceptance. The excerpts are in an order that reflects the emotional roller coaster that is adolescence. This book follows the journey of the typical teenager as she finds her place and tells the world that she is someone, too!

What began as a vivid dream turned ghastly nightmare, is now the story of young Julie, who through a series of misfortunate events is faced with a 100 year-old mystery. Stuck in the now quiet town of Merricksburg, it is up to Julie to venture into the remains of the Sterling Theater and uncover the secrets of the past. Through dreams of grandeur, murderous lies and deception, and stories unspoken, the Sterling Theater awaits – offering you a front-row seat to its final show.